Use Apple Cider Vinegar at Home

1. Apple pie order

Due to its inherently antibacterial properties, apple cider vinegar is an excellent all-purpose cleaner for the home.

Apple pie order

Simply combine one cup of water with half a cup of apple cider vinegar and use as you normally would.

2. Apple cider vinegar

Gardening supplies can be expensive. In addition, they contain chemicals that are toxic to wildlife.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You can create your own eco-friendly and gentle weed killer by combining apple cider vinegar with soap and lemon juice from FreshDirect.

3. A breath of fresh air

Mixing apple cider vinegar with water to create an effective deodorizing spray allows you to keep your home scent fresh without incurring a hefty cost.

4. Lord of the flies

In a kitchen, fruit flies can be a genuine nuisance.

Lord of the flies

It is not necessary to spend money on superfluous insect repellents.

5. Hair raising solution

When you think of hair care products, vinegar may not be the first ingredient that comes to mind.

Hair raising solution

As a hair rinse, apple cider vinegar is a highly effective treatment for dandruff.

6. Beauty is skin deep

The cosmetics industry is extremely lucrative in the United States.

Beauty is skin deep

This multifunctional product can also be used to treat persistent acne and tumors.

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