Weight Loss Food For Person Over 50

1.eafy Greens

Green beans, spinach, and kale are low-calorie and rich of water and fiber, keep you full.

2.fatty Fish

They're low-calorie and high-quality protein.


Recent studies show eating avocados can help you lose weight.


 Prunes may potentially prevent age-related bone loss. This fruit is great in sweet and savory dishes.


This B-like vitamin helps your brain and muscles. As you age, this is crucial.

6.Plain Greek Yogurt

Protein boosts metabolism. Younkin claims protein burns twice as many calories as fat and carbs.


This whole grain lowers blood sugar and promotes fullness.

8.Dark Chocolate Truffles

These have only one cent of added sugar/serving, which means you may feel like you are receiving a delicious treat.

9.Cruciferous Veggies

Cruciferous vegetables including arugula, broccoli, Sprouts, and arugula are full of nutrients and fiber. 


Weight loss works well with berries. Antioxidants and fiber fill them.

11.Beans and Legumes

Slow nutrient carbs are essential for weight loss.

12. Water

Weight loss requires enough water, which is not food. 

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