Winning Workout Routines for Weight Loss

1. Row

Although it's not the most popular workout, rowing may help you burn 400 to 600 calories in one hour.


On the rowing machine, one of the least popular pieces of exercise equipment at the gym.

2. Muscles

Correct rowing form engages several muscular groups, from the chest and shoulders through the arms, core, and legs.

3. HIIT sessions

High-intensity interval training entails repeated bouts of all-out effort followed by brief periods of recovery. 

HIIT sessions

These routines are extreme, but they get the job done.

4. HIIT your weight goals

These are high-output circuits that improve stamina and produce the afterburn effect.

HIIT your weight goals

A HIIT exercise may burn as much as 500 calories in only one hour.

5. Walk on

You may accomplish a lot just by strolling about. Walking is a great way to get some exercise and see the sights.

6. Pack some extra punch

You can burn an extra 100 calories in an hour of walking if you carry a backpack. Up to 200 calories if it's a heavy object.

7. Weightlifting

You'd be wrong to assume that weight training has simply aesthetic benefits.


Squats and pull-ups are examples of workouts that use many muscle groups at once and hence aid in calorie burning.

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