Zodiac Signs Are The Best Texters

1. Taurus

The astrologer states, "Taurus is an excellent texter due to their dependability.


They are a reliable sign and extremely considerate of those in their orbit. 


They can also be quite straightforward, so be prepared for a forthright opinion or recommendation.

2. Gemini 

Geminis are known as the zodiac's speakers, so it should come as no surprise who the air signing is one of the greatest texters — assuming they haven't lost their phone.


Geminis are "notorious multi-taskers and multi-texters," so their texts may be a bit disorganized at times, but they know how to keep the conversation going.


If you can keep up with their lightning-fast texting, it can result in a humorous text chain.

3. Capricorn 

If Capricorns are trustworthy enough to keep your secrets, they can certainly respond to your communications. 


Despite their formal demeanor, they have a playful side that is revealed through texts and parodies.


If sending memes is your Cap partner's love language, you now understand why.

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