Zodiac Signs Obsessed with Scrolling Their Phones

1. Cancer 

Cancers enjoy being able to "observe the world from a safe space.


Hypothesizes that when people get into Facebook, they would research "global culinary trends and classic dishes.


History and archaic traditions," and even "local community events.

2. Libra 

Libras must always be up-to-date on everything from the most recent political and social developments to "the latest gossip/rumors and fashion trends.


The easiest way to achieve that is to be constantly connected on social media.


They may struggle with information overload; encouraging them to step away from devices and focus inward could help.

3. Aquarius 

Aquarians aren't likely to be too startled to find their sign here, since.


Those who identify with this sentiment may appreciate.


use this information as inspiration rather than living through others.

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