Zodiac Signs With A Bad Attitude

1. Aries

When an Aries is overworked and frazzled, they find everyone irritating.


After being pushed to their limit, some people exhibit hostile, violent, and unrestrained behavior.

2. Taurus

When a Taurus is in one of their cranky phases, they might be downright hostile. 


They have problems compromising even on good days, so trying to reach an agreement with them while they're grumpy is futile.

3. Gemini

Indecisiveness and the accompanying anxiety might contribute to a negative mood in Gemini.


After much deliberation, they settle on a course of action, only to second-guess it an hour later.

4. Scorpio

One reason Scorpios have a sour attitude is because they are easily envious of other people's achievement, even if they themselves are doing well. 


When Scorpios feel they aren't being given the respect or rewards they believe they are due, they can become aggressive and resentful.

5. Aquarius

When an Aquarius is in a poor mood, they tend to become quite cynical and caustic.


Sarcasm is painful because it is directed at the target directly.

6. Virgo 

They have a tendency to be too critical, and they often direct that criticism towards others.

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